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Be the Best Version of You

So, I have been into blog hiatus for quite sometime. I was busy - yes, and I am currently into "reinventing myself." Health wise; I have been spending some time in the gym. I signed up for a bad ass functional / circuit training for 3 months now. I am also taking up Muay Thai… Continue reading Be the Best Version of You

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Senior Design Specialist [Portfolio]

I am a Senior Design Specialist in a [digital marketing/advertising] company abroad, serving various clients throughout United States who are looking for effective, cost-efficient way of marketing their products and services in Instagram. Below are some of my sample layouts. Please take note that these layouts also adhere with Instagram's ad policy.

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What are the Tasks that You Need to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

Are you doing rehashed errands that anybody could do? Do you battle to meet and extend due dates since you are exhausted and can't complete projects on time? Do you think that there isn't a reliable virtual assistant who can deal with your long list of plan for each day? Think again. Every single successful… Continue reading What are the Tasks that You Need to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?


Becoming a Virtual Assistant – The Know How

What is a Virtual Assistant? A virtual assistant, or VA, is a someone contracted to work for another company remotely instead of in their office. That could mean you’re located on the other side of the globe, while you are serving your client on the other end. Virtual assistants are typically independent contractors and not… Continue reading Becoming a Virtual Assistant – The Know How


Focus On Your Strengths

If you spend your life trying to be good at everything, you will never be great at anything- Tom Rath. If we must leave our comfort zones and excel, then we’ve got to focus more on our strengths. Leave what you cannot do and focus more on what you can do. It’s true that memory […]… Continue reading Focus On Your Strengths