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Be the Best Version of You

So, I have been into blog hiatus for quite sometime. I was busy – yes, and I am currently into “reinventing myself.”

Health wise; I have been spending some time in the gym. I signed up for a bad ass functional / circuit training for 3 months now. I am also taking up Muay Thai and Boxing sessions. And yes, I love them both! I feel energized and revived whenever I do workout… and that’s quite refreshing!

I am looking forward into losing my excess weight 🙂 I currently lost a few pounds (around 15!) and I am trying my best to lose more. I recently purchased a new juicer and I am planning to reincarnate my juicing habit! 🙂

As a freelancer, aside from taking care of your clients, you should take care of yourself too! It is indeed important. It’s a must actually… for if you are feeling great and are healthy, alert and fully functioning, you would then be able to achieve better results in terms of work and handling your everyday duty.

… and I want to be in my best version – physically and mentally, so that I can do and serve my clients well and more.

Spending some time in learning new software as well. Yeah, it’s really nice that I have this opportunity to do what I love to do, and to spend time into discovering things (work wise) and learning some how-to’s.


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