I Love Time Doctor!

Been on a hiatus for a couple of weeks. But yes – still actively working of course 🙂 Anyways, I recently purchased my own time tracker which is from Time Doctor, and so far, after two weeks of using it, I can safely say that I am satisfied and I love it!

  • It’s easy to use
  • Very detailed (in terms of screenshots and tracking)
  • There’s an option for billing clients as well
  • The desktop tracker does not lag or hang
  • You can easily add-in clients and segregate the tracked time
  • And most of all – its affordable. For only 10 USD per month for a personal account – its definitely worth the price!

However, for client billing, I do not actually use their system. I prefer doing it directly via Paypal – which would mean that I am screenshot-ing the tracked time and tracked screenshots in Time Doctor and I do attach the files directly in Paypal before I send an invoice. Personally, I find it easier and more consolidated.