Back to Homeschooling – 2018

Weeks ago, we were stunned with a news that my son’s current school will close its’ door effective June 1st, 2018. This year is the school’s 29th year in the industry and it is saddening that it will bid its’ goodbye.

My son was a homeschooler before I enrolled him in a formal private school. Due to the changes in routine, trials, and unexpected setbacks (my husband’s kidney failure, blindness, et al) of the past year – 2016, we decided to give formal schooling a try. It is within the village anyway.

It was good, but not great though.

There are indeed huge differences between homeschooling and formal schooling… and personally, I choose the first. However, if not for the farewell, (for some reasons) we may be continuing my son’s second year in formal schooling this coming enrolment.

Making the long story short – we now have decided to go back to where we actually started; homeschooling.

I know this will be tougher than before since there are other things going on (dialysis, hospital checkups, taking care of my husband, my workload, etc.) but I am putting my faith in me and my son that together, we can do this and make things work.

More so, our number one issue is the schedule, hence, we planned of studying while waiting for the four-hour-dialysis session twice a week. My mom will be on her way to help too! She will be in-charged with my son’s schooling for two days a week. Thank God for great mothers! Mom, if you will be able to read this, you know we love you! I love you! 🙂

So, why did we choose to homeschool? Below are some of our reasons and concerns:

  1. We want to guide our child as he grows. We can’t do that properly if he is in formal schooling for almost 8 hours a day. One day he came home uttering words which we never spoke, and we asked where did he knew about those… he said, he heard the words from his classmate.
  2. Schedule. With my type of work, I don’t have much time in the morning and there is no house help, thus, It will be difficult for me to send him to school at 7am and fetch him in the afternoon. Not to mention the time used to prepare my son’s lunch, things, assignments and projects if any. We are also in the dialysis center for two days a week, from morning til afternoon. How will I be able to attend to the needs of my husband and my son, both at the same time?… Literally at the same time?
  3. It is a custom-fit learning. Whatever our child needs, where he excels, even the lessons where he needs more guidance – he will be guided and they will be attended accordingly. One on one. A more personalized, mother to son type of learning.
  4. It’s cheaper than formal (private) schooling. I am aware that in public schools, it will definitely be cheaper (compared to homeschooling). I, myself is a public school alumnus and I am proud of that. However, years have passed, things have changed, kids are more vulnerable these days; a private formal school is a more controlled environment for kids. However, being in a homeschool is definitely more cost-effective than the latter. No more surprising additional expenses this time!

For those of you who are also interested in homeschooling, there is an article written by The basics of homeschooling.

And if you are looking for the list of accredited homeschool providers in the Philippines, this blog post could help.

As for us, we opted to go back to Victory Elijah Christian College. It is DepEd accredited and is located in Antipolo. However, we have a group which is led by Ms. Angie hence, we need not to report directly to the school. All instructions, updates, materials are relayed to us with the awesome help of Ms. Angie.

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