Looking for an Online Freelancer Opportunity? Try GoLance (GoLance Review)

Okay, so I am currently thinking about my future.

I am an Online Freelancer / Virtual Assistant for a decade now and still, there are times when I feel a bit under the weather. Or perhaps, a little lost of confidence. I don’t know exactly if its’ because I am aware that the competition is getting tough and tougher as years (and as the technology) go by, but yes – I am only human and let’s say occurrences like these would help me stay grounded, do my very best and be competitive enough.

So, to keep the long story short, I tried to search for opportunities outside Upwork. I don’t know why but I thought of creating an another online portfolio outside my “mother platform” – my only source of income since 2008.

Hence, I stumbled upon GoLance…


And as per google:

The goLance platform is about a vision of opportunity, of engagement, of success, of financial freedom, of flexible living and travel arrangements, of passion and of pure unfiltered joy. We want our users to be able to work and hire efficiently, effectively and enjoyably, but more importantly — we want your work with us to support both your personal and professional goals.

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So it is a platform for those who are looking for Job Opportunities, and at the same time, looking for Virtual Assistants – if you are an entrepreneur or in a company.

GoLance was launched in June 2015. It aims to champion the skills and services of the world’s brightest minds from small companies to large institutions, in order to accelerate the growth and enhance the success of online workers and businesses who hire online workers.

Michael Brooks is the CEO of GoLance. He is also an author of Beyond Plastic and Cash Disruption.

So, what I did was I created a profile with GoLance as a Worker. Since I am an individual and of single entity, I turned the “Hire” option off. As of the moment, I do not have plans of creating a team of VA’s. It’s not that I am too busy to do so… I just don’t think that I can handle the pain of depending what I know I can do to other freelancers. I actually tried it before but with what I have experienced, I think its better for me to be “single” for now.

Going back…

So I created a profile, placed my headline, added my hourly rate, updated my bio and portfolio and set the specific categories. Alas! I already completed my profile – well, just the video missing for now.


Then I started looking for a job within my skills. However, so far, what I saw was jobs posted two months ago, four months ago, the latest was less than a month ago. Which is – if ill be applying for those now, I don’t think that they would still need me 🙂

Those are really old considering that VA jobs are really, really fast paced. They will come now, and be gone tomorrow.

So after an unsuccessful attempt, I stopped. Hence, this blog post.

To sum it up; GoLance is good if there would be lots of job posts or employers who are looking for VAs. The profile is easy to edit and the platform is easy to navigate. It is easy for someone to add-in the needed details, and there is a guide on what to add (and how many). The layout is clean and crisp. The fonts are easy to read. They also allow links outside the platform which means you are allowed to add links to your online portfolio or website. You also have the option to turn the privacy off or on (if on, your profile will be searchable all-around the search engines) which in my case – I always do turn that off. With GoLance, you also have the option to create your own team or manage one. You can hire and work at the same time. They also have their own GoLance time tracker.

As for the payout – its on a weekly basis. They offer withdrawals thru Paypal, Payoneer, Tipalti, Wyre and Transpay. You can also request for a cash advance in case of emergencies (Whoa! This one is really cool!)

As for the question if its legit or not – perhaps yes, because there are successful workers inside the GoLance community. Also, legitimacy of an online opportunity depends on the company or business entity who hires. Even if they posted the job inside a platform, that would not easily mean that they are legitimate or the payout is guaranteed. Most of the time, they do just create profiles within the platforms for pooling purposes, then do the payout outside the platform. So I suggest to make a thorough research before accepting an offer.

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