Looking for a professional Virtual Assistant? How about a Graphic or Website Designer who can create awesome marketing materials and digital designs for your business?

Hi, my name is Bern and I am a dependable, reliable, all-around virtual assistant – at your service.

I have been in the corporate world for six years prior to my freelancing. Started as a Virtual Assistant and a Graphic/Web Designer in 2008 via Upwork. Thousands of hours rendered, more than 500 contracts, and hundreds of feedback – I am currently one of the Top Rated Upwork Freelancers.

She did exactly as we requested and she met our time schedule. 🙂
Andy and Julie Plata

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All good Bern. You are worth every cent and more. 🙂 You are amazing Bern. Really. Where would I be without you. Honestly. – Fiona J Lindsay

All-Around Virtual Assistant